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Common Landscaping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Landscaping is a wonderful thing to do in the area surrounding your home or business. It helps create a nice aesthetic that fits your style and shows others that you care about the land as much as you care about the building on a property. However, not all landscaping is good landscaping. There are some pretty common mistakes that the well-intentioned DIY landscapers end up making, only to be discouraged when they see the end result. Today, we’ll teach you what the most common landscaping errors are – and what you can do to avoid making them.

Too Many Lawn Ornaments/Poor Lawn Ornament Placement

Landscaping is all about highlighting the qualities of the land, not cluttering it with manmade decorations. While a few small, crisp and modern-looking ornaments can enhance the freshly manicured layout of your lawn, there is definitely such a thing as “too much.” If you place too many lawn ornaments around, or you place them poorly, this will only make the land look littered – not cute or charming.

Improper Planting

No matter what you plant, you need to ensure that the plant is going to receive adequate sunlight wherever you place it. Oftentimes, homeowners will simply plant a tree, flower bed, bush or other article of flora where they think it will look best. When they take this approach, they often forget about the practicalities of planting. This results in wilted and even dead or diseased plant life that leave a negative impact on the yard’s aesthetic.

Don’t Plant Trees Too Deeply

Some people mistakenly believe that putting as much soil as possible around a newly-planted tree is the way to go. But if you plant the tree too deeply into the ground, this can result in root rot. The tree could become choked of nutrients before it even has a chance to thrive, resulting in a dead or wilted, tiny tree that just looks shriveled up in the yard.

Cutting the Grass Too Short

Did you know that you can essentially “scalp” your lawn? It’s true! If you routinely mow and cut the grass shorter and shorter each time, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Sure, you might have to cut the grass less often, but the trade-off makes this a terrible idea. In exchange for a few extra days of avoiding mowing, your soil will be more exposed and vulnerable to disease and insect infestation.